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Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures your plaster products?
We do: all of our plaster products are manufactured right here at our Wilberforce facility. By buying directly from the manufacturer, you’ll get superior plaster products without the middleman mark-ups you’ll pay elsewhere.
What is a cornice profile?
A cornice’s profile is a detailed, full-scale drawing of its cross-section. It helps designers and architects envision how a given style of cornice will look, and guides manufacturers in creating the template, or knife, used to create the plaster cornice itself. To learn more about cornice profiles, click here. To see our full range of plaster cornices, click here.
Are your products mass-produced?
No. We manufacture everything by hand, which allows us to perform detailed inspections at every step and ensures that your delivery is crafted with skill and pride.
Are all of your cornices kept in stock?
Only some of them. Most of our facility is devoted to manufacturing superior plaster products, so we are only able to keep our most popular cornices in stock, along with a few other products. For details, please see our Cornice Stock Range. Stock levels change every day, so please enquire directly about the availability of a given style in the quantity you need.
If a cornice is not in stock, how long does it take to produce?
Depending on the quantity you need, most cornices can be produced within 15 business days. This is a conservative estimate; please contact us to see how quickly we can fulfill your specific order.
Can you reproduce plaster products that do not appear on your website?
In most cases, yes. Please be ready to supply us with a sample of the item to be reproduced, and contact us to see if we can recreate it.
What is your delivery area?
We deliver our products directly throughout Greater Sydney, including Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Bowral, Bathurst & Wollongong.
What if I live outside Sydney? Can you package my order for delivery to other locations in Australia?
Yes, we can. When you know exactly what you need, and in what quantities, let us know that you’d like to arrange for it to be delivered by a freight company. We will estimate the cost of packing your products and the dimensions of the fully packaged order; this information will help your freight company estimate its terms.
Can you deliver products directly to me if I live outside Greater Sydney?
Not directly, no. But we can package your order and prepare it for your preferred freight carrier.
Can you send my order through the post? What other options do I have for delivery outside Sydney?
Products under 21Kg total weight can be sent via Australia Post. If you choose this option, we will pack your order in custom-made (POA) timber boxes to protect them during shipment. For larger products, we pack everything on a long pallet, making it ready for transport by the freight company you choose.
Is there a minimum order for cornices?
No order is too small, but we do impose an $88 surcharge for orders of fewer than 4 lengths of each cornice type. This surcharge helps offset the time it takes us to prepare your order for manufacture.